How to upload 3D videos on Youtube

Do NOT add any yt3d tags to a 2D video, thanks.

You need a source video with two different views. One for each eye. The 3D standard for Youtube is side-by-side cross-eyed. So if you have a Full HD 3D video, the format should be 3840x1080. You can also upload a parallel or a over/under video by using some additional 3D tags.

Main 3D tag
yt3d:enable=true (Add this tag to enable the Youtube 3D feauture)

If your source video is side-by-side cross-eyed, everything should work after adding the 3D tag. Use the fallowing tags, if you have another source format.

Aspect ratio
yt3d:aspect=X:Y (Replace X and Y with the aspect ratio of your video. For example 4:3, 16:9 or 1:1)

Parallel source - Swap left and right image
yt3d:swap=true (Use this tag, if your video is side-by-side parallel)

Over/Under source
yt3d:left=0_0_1_0.5 yt3d:right=0_0.5_1_1 (Use these two tags, if your video is over/under)

Do NOT add any yt3d tags to a 2D video, thanks.